7 Awesome Dog Friendly Patios in Austin

It’s finally the weekend (or 6 p.m. on a Wednesday night) and you can’t wait to switch up your routine!

There’s only one thing standing in your way — and it’s wagging its tail by the door…

Good news, you never again have to choose between freedom and your furry friend!

We’ve fetched a list of the best places with dog-friendly outdoor patios you AND your pet will love!

So go ahead — #treatyoself.


Photo credit: Forthright

Forthright is like an oasis in the desert, with the bright and breezy patio serving as a downtown respite, whether you’re just off the hike and bike trail (a block away) or a long day at the office!

To top it off, this place has some killer brunch/lunch going on, with plenty of soul food favorites like chicken and waffles, and of course, the trendy foodie standby of avocado toast.

So take a load off, and take your dog with you so you can both enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life while soaking in the sunshine.

Why we love them: With a chef-prepared menu full of fresh ingredients for you and a “Dog Bowl” you can order for your pup made of hamburger and sweet potato, you’re both set for a great afternoon!

What customers have said: The atmosphere and servers are equally friendly, with the patio serving as a quaint spot downtown they look forward to returning to again!


Austin Domain NORTHSIDE PatioPhoto credit: Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage

What’s not to love about a beautiful outdoor patio that’s just as pet-perfect at night?

Satisfy your nighttime craving for chips and salsa with your favorite fur baby by your side! Serving up some of the best Tex-Mex in Austin, there’s something super satisfying here for just about everyone.

If you’d like to spend the entire day together, the Domain NORTHSIDE neighborhood is one of the most dog-friendly places to do it. All stores in the shopping area allow dogs inside!

(Though know that state law prevents dogs from going inside restaurants. Pups are still welcome on many of the outdoor patios!)

People and pet watching are a ton of fun in the Domain NORTHSIDE with most of the outdoor patios giving a great view of passing Austinites!

Get your shop on with your pet by your side and make Valencia’s your leisurely pitstop, all without a care in the world.

Why we love them: The extra-welcoming water bowls to keep your pet hydrated (and cool in the lingering heat!) add to the overall home-away-from-home ambiance.

What customers have said: That this place is so dog friendly, it’s truly a party. Dog’s birthday celebrations have been spotted here, and they add to the fun, even for those there without pets!


Photo credit: Yelp User Jesse D.

If you want to go big or go home with your outdoor patio experience while enjoying a local brew and some soul food options, too, this is your spot!

A restaurant modeled after their family’s Texas ranch, this place recently celebrated its 7th anniversary of being a dog-friendly go-to for its good food and sprawling property!

Featuring a dog-friendly Rose Garden portion of the outdoor space, you can mingle with other dog owners and still enjoy the beautiful view of the property.

Why we love them: There isn’t much else more satisfying than a beautiful outdoor space, a local brew and some hearty Texas favorites to savor, all with your best friend by your side.

What customers have said: They enjoy the expansive outdoor space with long picnic tables, a laid-back vibe and plenty of other dogs around to keep yours entertained.

  1. TLC

Photo credit: TLC

This new place in Lamar Union (it opened in January) is already becoming a local staple for dog owners looking for a lively (and family-friendly) place to enjoy some much-needed time off.

Whether you’re looking for brunch on the weekend, or a happy hour on that break from the mundane on a Wednesday, there’s fun here for everyone, especially with your pet!

With patio/yard games to keep both you and your dog entertained for as long as you’d like to stay, you could make a day of it!

Why we love them: Comfort is at an all-time high here, even on a hot day, with water bowls and eco-friendly misters that will keep both you and your dog happy.

What customers have said: It’s the perfect place to finish a walk or to enjoy after a stroll on the weekend, quickly becoming a place where they look forward to seeing their dog-owner friends!


Photo credit: Alta’s Cafe

Location, location, location.

With some great craft coffee and light bites too, this outdoor patio is right on the hike and bike trail by Lady Bird Lake!

Take a break from outdoor activities or simply enjoy a day by the lake with your dog by your side. The view truly is breathtaking, and we think you BOTH will agree.

As an added convenience, a Kayak rental company is located right downstairs incase you want to take your pup for a trip out onto the water!

Why we love them: The lake view is amazing enough on its own, but this place upped the ante by keeping treats at the counter and providing water bowls along with friendly service!

What customers have said: Alta’s is the perfect spot to bring your dog on a sunny day and serves some of the best craft coffee in the area, making it a place they love stopping at, too.


Cheers to a fun day outdoors listening to music, hanging with your friends, and letting your dog make a few new ones, too.

Banger’s is known for its brew selection and good grub, but the dog-friendly culture is just as integral to the ambiance.

With a section for your dogs to play in, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy your weekend and let your pup run wild wild with new friends at the same time!

Photo credit: Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden

Why we love them: It perfectly accommodates people with and without pets with ease by encouraging them to stay in a certain part of the space, made possible by a large property.

What customers have said: A perfect place to see and be seen, in a totally laid back way, for you and your pet. This lively venue may just make your dog’s inner social butterfly come out.


With brewing exceptional beer for their neighbors as their mission statement, this place feels like all of the best parts of a block party mixed together!

There’s good food, good brew, and good people, with plenty of outdoor patio space for your dogs, who are just as welcome as you are!

No matter the time of day, or what might be going on, your pet is always encouraged to enjoy the festivities right by your side!

Why we love them: The chill vibe of this place almost makes you forget you aren’t suddenly in your own awesomely upgraded backyard having a housewarming party, and we love it!

What customers have said: The outside gravel patio and generous amount of picnic table seating makes it a great place for meeting your friends and enjoying quality time with your pet.

Photo credit: St. Elmo Brewing Company


Any one of these seven places is sure to be heaven for man’s best friend, so it’s up you to decide which place has your favorite vibe! Happy trails!

Are there any outdoor patios worth a walkthrough that we missed? Let us know in the comments and share why it’s a favorite for you and your dog!

2 thoughts on “7 Awesome Dog Friendly Patios in Austin

  1. Brewtorium has a great dog friendly beer garden. Dias Market has a dog friendly patio. Black Star Coop has a dog friendly patio. Hanks has a dog friendly patio. Billy’s on Burnet has a dog friendly patio. The Local Post Pub has a dog friendly patio. Thanks !

    1. These are fantastic options that were not on our radar. We may need to make an update with the suggestions. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us!

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