10 Austin-based Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Looking to get more smiles and joy out of your Instagram feed? There’s no better way than to see the best of Austin every time you scroll through it. Scrumptious food and stunning sights. Local art and live events. Colorful characters and cute, cute furry friends.

Follow these accounts for a great snapshot of the best our city has to offer. Hopefully it inspires you to explore more of Austin, attend an event or discover your new favorite restaurant!


1. The Austinot

Instagram posts from the popular Austinot blog keep you updated on the latest happenings and the hottest spots to eat and drink, but in the most Austin way possible. You get a “hyperlocal” angle that covers only Austin-founded businesses, delivered by a team made completely of volunteers.


2. Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage


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Life’s greatest question ??Who else has this burning question?

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If you’re not hungry for real-deal Tex-Mex or thirsty for mouthwatering margaritas, you will be! Valencia’s Instagram serves up a daily helping of eye-catching food and drink specials, with a generous side of laughs along the way.


3. The Good in ATX

Austin offers photographers no shortage of amazing scenes to capture, and your feed can reap the benefits. The Good in ATX showcases snapshots from all over the city, providing a fresh angle on the places and people that make it such a one-of-a-kind place to experience.


4. ZilkerBark


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EVENT ALERT ?- Stuart, the 4mo old Rottweiler. Just found out ZilkerBark and @HEB are teaming up for a second Texas Pet Tour and will be very pupset if you don’t reserve him a portrait spot!
__ Stuart is right, the #HEBTXPetTour will continue with THREE holiday-themed pet portrait events! Austin, Houston and San Antonio, one in each city, starting Nov 23rd. A $10 donation to @servicedogsinc reserves your pet’s portrait spot. An RSVP link will be sent out through email first on Nov 14th, reservations will be open to the public on Friday the 15th. The event is otherwise free to attend. Head to the link on our bio to sign up for email alerts and to read more information about the events. ?

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Nothing like puppy pics to help you forget life’s stresses and put a smile on your face! The dog photography crew posts highlights from shoots at Zilker Park and around town—not to mention raises thousands of dollars for animal-related non-profits.


5. Austin.com

There’s always so many weird and wonderful things going on throughout the city that it can be hard to keep track. Austin.com can help you keep up, showing off the best of the community and the culture.


6. JType


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There are no answers in luck… #nikon #longexposure

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Ever wonder what Austin would look like soaring high above it all? Daredevil Austin photographer JType takes to the rooftops to put the focus on the city’s stunning skyline and diverse architecture, with dramatic, heavenly views sure to take your breath away.


7. Austin Wildlife Rescue


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Check out those whiskers! #awesomeopossum

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Besides posting pics of lovable critters that can’t help but draw in likes, the men and women at Austin Wildlife Rescue do the good work of saving local animals of all shapes and sizes and raising funds for their future well-being.


8. Humans of Austin


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“I go to therapy every few weeks, and one of the main topics that always comes up is this kind of dual personality thing I have going on, because my life has been split between two cultures. Honestly, it goes all the way back to elementary. I had to live one life at home, and a completely different life at school and with my friends. On the weekend, all my life consisted of Indian dance and temple. During the week, it was about being cool and fitting in. How do you do those two things concurrently? It’s definitely had a lasting effect… It’s made it especially difficult that the two worlds never touch, that the people in each world didn’t know one another. Most of my friends have no idea just how traditional my parents are and what was expected of me at home, and of course my parents don’t understand the other world that’s such a big part of my life. Neither group understands the expectations of the other, so it’s hard for either to empathize with me, even though they try.. In a way, I know it’s made me stronger. But it’s been one of the biggest challenges of my life. And I know millions of people deal with the same thing.”

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The Humans of New York are great and all, but we like to think the Humans of Austin give them a run for their money! Everyone has a unique tale to tell—hear some of these stories and meet the Austinites behind them.


9. Austin State of Mind


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A slice of home ?

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In another ATX take on an NYC special, a former New Yorker takes followers along as she seeks out the great food, music, and events to be found in her beloved new city. She even offers guides to travel outside of Austin, too.


10. When Where What Austin

For beautiful photos of landscapes or clouds or puppies in your feed, this isn’t the follow for you. When Where What Austin gives you exactly what its name says: the barebones info on hot local events, presented in plain white text on a solid blue background (though you can usually swipe over for promotional posters or pics and read the captions for a funny personal touch).

What great Instagram accounts have we missed?

Are there other Austin Instagram accounts that you enjoy following? Let us know in the comments!

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