Which Tex-Mex Dish Best Fits Your Personality?

Tamale Enchiladas Nachos

We like to think that timeless, versatile Tex-Mex cuisine offers options for everyone. So let’s put it to the test!

Here are six broad personality archetypes, each paired with a Tex-Mex staple—a match made in culinary heaven. 

Find the personality description (or two, or three) that best fits you, and see if you don’t find yourself craving that dish (or two, or three) right now!

The Life of the Party: Nachos

You’re an extrovert. A people person. You’re the one who rounds up the squad and gets the party started.

And what better way to kick off the festivities than with a generous plate of nachos, the MVP of shareable Tex-Mex apps?

It’s a great way to get the gang to gather ’round. Everyone grabs a loaded, cheesy chip, chowing down and chewing the fat at the same time. It can get messy, and you might find friends fighting over the last ones, but hey—that’s how the best bonds are built!

The Straight Arrow: Enchiladas

You’re not what people might call a risk taker. You’re no rebel or rule-breaker. You don’t love taking chances on wild, unfamiliar things. You’re a traditionalist who prefers sticking to what you know and what works.

That also makes you dependable. Safe. Reliable. A rock that people can count on.

Just like an enchilada.

At Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage, we serve the tried-and-true Tex-Mex favorite filled with beef, chicken, or cheese as well as a spinach version for vegetarians, and a brisket enchilada for those times when you feel jussst a bit bold.

The Natural Leader: Fajitas

You can be intense. You’ve heard it, you know it, and you can’t help it. You’re passionate about things, so you’re driven to get stuff done. You lock in on your goals and, by golly, you accomplish them.

So it’s only natural that others are drawn to your fire. Your drive, your enthusiasm inspires them to follow your lead.

You want a meal that can match your heat. You’re looking for fajitas fresh off the grill, that come out sizzling, just like you do. And you want that meaty goodness of beef or chicken or steak, or that shrimp or salmon substance, to pack you with the energy to power you through the day.

The Artist: Crispy Shrimp Tacos

You’re compelled to create. And not one to color inside the lines or paint by numbers, you do things your own way. Your mind is always cooking up something original and imaginative and beautiful.

For you, we’ve cooked up crispy shrimp tacos. Because when you think outside the box, sometimes that’s what you land on. No other plate offers quite the same unique combination of texture, flavor, and visual appeal.

Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage serves up its shrimp tacos in pairs, with shrimp fried to crispy perfection in Negra Modelo beer batter, topped with the vibrant hues of spicy coleslaw. It’s a work of art in itself!

The Strong, Silent Type: Guacamole

You don’t say much, but you’ve got a lot going on beneath the surface. You’re planning, contemplating, reflecting. You’re fine being alone with your thoughts, and right now, you’re thinking about guac.

You’ve weighed your options, and delicious, creamy guacamole with chips is the smart move. Avocado is a superfood, after all, so it does its part to help keep you healthy and strong in both body and mind.

And nothing beats fresh guac, like the kind made at Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage right at your table. Or, if you want to savor some time alone, we’ll make it in our kitchens and bring it out to you.

The Romantic: Breakfast

This one may seem odd at first, but if you’re the romantic, idealistic type, search your heart and you’ll see it’s true…

There’s nothing more romantic than a Tex-Mex breakfast.

Imagine it: the sun rising on a cloudless day. Waking up alongside your loved one and eventually dragging yourselves out of the house for sustenance. There’s not the same formality or pressure as a dinner. You’re with someone you’re comfortable spending a slow, quiet morning with. Someone you can enjoy a hearty plate of huevos rancheros or migas or breakfast tacos next to.

Even if you don’t have someone at the moment to share that meal with, that’s the scene you’re picturing in your head. Doesn’t it look nice? Doesn’t it taste wonderful??

How was our Tex-Mex-analysis?

Do we have you all figured out, or are we way off base? Matching minds to munches is more of an art than a science, after all, and people can be so darn complex sometimes… 

Let us know in the comments if you were choosing a Tex-Mex dish based on your personality, what would you be?

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    1. We love our extroverted “life of the party” type people! Nachos are a great choice in Tex-Mex too! 🙂

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